Text Box: Model CTPT Automatic Instrument Transformer Test System
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Model CTPT can test both Current and Potential Transformers to state of the art accuracy.  Constructed in a single steel cabinet with two test stations,  Model CTPT takes advantage of the common elements of Models CT-4000 and PT-3000 to achieve excellent performance with minimum floor space and lowest cost.  Operation of Model CTPT is identical to Models CT-400 and PT-3000.  The selection of  the PT or CT test mode is accomplished by clicking an icon on the monitor boot up screen.


The cost of a Model CTPT may be estimated by selecting the desired line items for both Models CT-4000 and PT-3000.  Then add the cost of the basic systems and all options and multiply the total cost by 0.8 to achieve a net saving of approximately  20%.

Each Model CTPT is made to order.    Contact the factory for current price and delivery.