Text Box: Automatic Magnetics Testing Systems

     Self-Calibration assures acv

 accuracy  to 0.05%. All procedures on disk,   traceable to NIST or ISA.

Certifies good parts

Screens Rejects




    Bad/Lossy Cores

    Wrong Turns

    Wrong wire size

    Wrong taps

    Bad connections

    Insulation Faults

    Missing Shields

    Mislabeled parts

    ....all common faults.



Standard Tests:


    Volts, Ratio, Polarity , Turns

    Excitation Current

    Core Loss

    DC Resistance

    Z, Ls,Lp,Rs,Rp,Q, C

    Leakage  Inductance

    Insulation Resistance

    AC Hipot

    Induced Voltage 

    L & R Balance 

    Core Saturation 

    Sampled Tests 

    Computed Tests

    Operator Messages

    Fixture Bias


Data Loggng and

SPC  Options



 Tel: 914-769-6100    Fax: 914-769-6102    Email: sales@optdev.com      

       High Accuracy  to 0.05%.

Throughput to 1000/hr.

        High  Excitation Power.  Tests transformers to 3KVA. Special Inrush reduction. Programmable  jumpers for split primaries.

     Easy to use Pentium computer. Displays PASS/FAIL or  full  test and program data.  Saves data on  disk.   Windows compatible!

      AC synthesizer with resolution of 0.025%.  Full frequency bandwidth, no slots. VAC and IAC ranges in factors of 4! Eliminates low range errors.

          Quick Change Test Fixtures. Plug-in test sockets mount on standard  boards. Test programs select the test fixture for the operator.


         Comprehensive   test   reports  with test data, test conditions, and special user defined text.

    Selfchecks, Calibration Checks, Accuracy Certification, Diagnostics, test examples and  user assists. 

 SAVE TEST COSTS. Reduce test labor to pennies/part.  Repeat setups in seconds!


 IMPROVE QUALITY. Eliminate rejects. All PASS/FAIL decisions by computer.


 INCREASE YIELDS-REDUCE WASTE. Use SPC to optimize your design and process.


 IMPRESS YOUR CUSTOMERS. Deliver SPC reports with each lot as proof of quality.

       Double throughput with Dual Test Stations!  Test  on one side while loading on the other. One system acts like two.

          Advanced AC Hipot  reads current if PASS, voltage if FAIL. Spark detector prevents insulation burning and protects operator.

Text Box: Emily saves test costs and assures quality with high speed automatic testing.
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